4 summer vacations that won’t break the bank

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Here’s how to travel cheap.

Key points

  • Summer travel can be expensive, as that’s when demand tends to skyrocket.
  • Here are some lower cost trips worth investigating.

There’s a reason summer tends to be a popular time for travel. The weather is generally good (although it is very hot in some parts of the country) and children miss school, so there is no need to worry about them missing school days. learning.

But there is a downside to traveling during the summer, and you have to pay more to take a vacation. As demand tends to increase in the summer, travel costs tend to follow.

Maybe you have a bunch of money in your summer vacation savings account. But if not, and money is a bit tight, you might want to consider your options for traveling on a budget. Here are some vacation ideas that shouldn’t cost you a ton of money and can create many great memories.

1. Visit your family in another city

If you have family that lives in another part of the country, visiting them could give you the opportunity to spend some quality time together and experience a fun new city. Now, for this type of travel to translate into big savings, you may need to have the option of sleeping with family rather than staying in a hotel. But if it’s an option and you can get free accommodation, you could have some fun family time that you don’t see very often.

2. Rent a cabin in the woods

Planting yourself in the woods for a week is a great way to escape the daily grind. And usually you can rent a remote cabin for a relatively modest price. From there, you can spend your time hiking, swimming in a lake (if there’s one nearby), and enjoying your share of fresh air. For even more savings, you can consider a camping trip where you don’t need to rent a spot at all. This could be a very cost-effective option if you already have your share of camping gear.

3. Spend a week on a no-frills beach

Renting a beach house in a popular town full of restaurants and boardwalk amenities could cost you dearly. But if you’re willing to stay on a no-frills beach, you could get a cheap rental. From here you can enjoy quiet access to the beach, and although you have to cook many of your own meals, you may have the option of eating them overlooking the ocean.

4. Explore some state parks

National parks tend to get crowded during the summer, so much so that you may be denied entry if you go at a particularly busy time. State parks, on the other hand, tend to see more moderate foot traffic, so it could be beneficial to spend a few days exploring different trails and scenery without having to deal with crowds of people.

Summer travel can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you stick to the right itinerary. You can also save money on your summer vacation by using the right credit card. Some cards offer generous cash back rewards for things like gas fill-ups, so even if you’re taking a low-key trip, you might still be able to score some nice rewards.

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