Australian businesses are piloting a four-day working week next month

20 businesses across Australia have pledged to kickstart the four-day working week. The move follows a much larger trial in the UK that started this week and saw 70 companies give their employees an extra day off.

From August, some Australian companies will allow their workers to clock in one day less per week to see if the magic ratio of 100:80:100 can be achieved during the four-day working week.

But what is this complicated relationship that I can’t understand because the math doesn’t make sense I hear myself asking?

Well, the trial would entitle employees to 100% of their regular salary in exchange for 80% of their time (ie: four days). The kicker? 100% of their regular productivity must be maintained in accordance with 9Now.

Our community is a Melbourne-based technology company and is one of 20 Australian companies to take part in the four-day-a-week trial.

“We are now in a position to implement change, trust employees to maintain productivity, and ensure work-life balance is supported,” its CEO said. Denis Moriarty according to 7News.

“It’s time that we as leaders find ways to give some of that investment back to them (staff), not just in salaries, bonuses and equity, but over time, so that they can use the rest of those things to build a life they love.”

The program is run by the non-profit organization 4 Day Work Week Global. The company organized the program in conjunction with a group of partners including Auckland University of Technology, University of Queensland, University of Sydney and Boston College.

The boss of the association Andrew Barnes believes that the trial is a big step in the right direction.

“We simply cannot continue as we have been, and we welcome the forward-thinking companies and business leaders from Australasia who are driving this change and showing the way forward,” according to .

Tbh, I’m a big fan of this move. Especially after being cooped up for so long during the panny-d, everyone deserves a little more time to taste the joys of not working.

I’d lather up an extra day for beers, I mean… rest and recharge for the challenges of an exciting new work week.

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