Bad breaks, slow confusion Losing dogs against the girls of the capital


By Bill Foley

The Butte High girls’ soccer team just couldn’t afford a Tuesday afternoon break at a rainy and windy Jeremy Bullock complex.

A slip and a few bad rebounds led to Helena Capital’s goals, and the Bruins rounded off the Bulldogs’ regular-season sweep with a 6-0 win in the AA West.

Capital’s scoring began when Bulldogs goaltender Kaylee LaPier charged the ball just outside the box. She attempted to kick the ball as Lilly Danzer from Capital approached.

As she was kicking, LaPier slipped and she barely touched the ball. She also left the net exposed and Danzer made the Bulldogs pay.

“On that first, she read it absolutely perfect,” Butte High coach Steve Shahan said of LaPier. “She was just in between steps on wet grass.”

The goal came after Butte High kept the game scoreless for the first 25 minutes.

Just over a minute later, Taylor Cornwell scored to make it 2-0. Capital increased the lead to 3-0 when Lauren Hoxie escaped for a goal seconds before halftime.

“We did a lot of good things. We had a bit of confusion about our rotation and our tactics in the middle, ”said Shahan. “We did a good job for a while pressuring them. When we had that confusion, we gave them room in the middle of the field and we kind of took it apart for a little big. But we came back to what we were trying to do.

Gracie Mockel scored four minutes into the second half, and Danzer scored just over LaPier’s pointed fingers to make it 5-0 with 24 minutes and 37 seconds to go.

Capital added a Cornwell goal in the final 2 minutes.

Butte High turned offensive in the second half, but the Bulldogs just couldn’t finish. Maddy LaPier scored a point, Aydin Gonzales got a couple of scoring opportunities and Emma Quist played what Shahan called “some good pitched balls”.

“We had a couple of scoring chances at the end, some great runs and connections,” said the coach.

Other Bulldogs who contributed to Butte High’s efforts were Taylor Burke, Kierra Case, Kali Burke, Aurora Kemper, Kenzie Jaksha, Elli Quist, Hayla Hoffman, Haylie Williams, Autumn Sil, Catherine Sholey, Kandel Kovnesky, Jesse LaPier and Jozi Daugherty .

Shahan pointed out the play of Kaylee LaPier, who settled down well as a goaltender.

“Kaylee played amazingly,” said the coach. “She made a ton of great saves. If you look at where we were with our goalies a couple of weeks ago, they would have scored 10 goals in 35 minutes. Instead, we compete for the full 80 minutes.

In Montana preseason football, matches are called when a team has a 10-goal lead. Butte High suffered a few 10-0 losses early in the season.

Butte High is still winless on 10 occasions this season, but Shahan said he liked what he saw from his team.

“All I expect is a good attitude and effort,” he said. “We just want to get a little better. If you do this regularly, then good things happen.

The Bulldogs are back in action on Saturday when they travel to Helena High. Butte High’s next home game is on October 14 against Kalispell Glacier.


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