Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: December 2 edition

Hi Ladies Gymnastics Fans! Sophomore Roxanne Myers here with this week’s gym talk!

After a short week of classes on Monday and Tuesday, your favorite ladies have returned home for the Thanksgiving vacation. The Ladies have continued to improve in the gym and in the classroom throughout the semester. It’s safe to say we were extremely excited for a well-deserved break. We flew into the skies, crossed highways and back roads, and made our way home safe and sound to our families.

Our own Izzie Plaza hosted a French exchange student during the break. She made sure her guest got the whole traditional Thanksgiving experience, starting with great food and watching football.

A few of our ladies from Texas and Louisiana met this weekend for a rival football game between LSU and Texas A&M! It was an exciting game, but the best part was the time we spent with our teammates, cheering on our home states, but happy to be together.

After enjoying the vacation with their hometown friends and family, we all returned to Shreve for a Sunday night practice. Senior Xian Baumgartner has had some enthusiasm for travel with delayed and canceled flights. But thanks to Senior Kendall Sanders, the two of them finally made it to campus safe and sound. After the boring day of travel, the Ladies ended the evening with a few flips, of course. We had some good twists on the vault, some nice swings on the bars and a great job on the beam. It’s good to see some of our teammates who have been sidelined start to come back into the game and continue to improve! With only ten official training sessions this semester, this team is more determined than ever to make the most of their time before the Christmas holidays.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and can’t wait to see all the fans of women’s gymnastics this season!



Roxanne myers

Hi ladies fans! It’s Sophomore Izzie with a report from our week leading up to the Thanksgiving vacation.

As the holiday season approaches, the ladies have worked hard to prepare for the season and the finals.

At the start of the week, the Ladies did an incredible job putting together routines and gaining consistency. The Vault Shakers killed him with new skills underway. Don’t drop any names, but Taylor Wilson could soon take on the role of Vault Shaker with her Yurchenko fold full. This will give our roster five torsional jumps and some starting values ​​of 9.8 and above. In addition, we will also have a few injured athletes who will twist their jumps by mid-season! Our bar stars are shining brightly with a new and unique release of Junior Lacey Wedge. We move all of our outings on hard rugs and clean up all of our amazing routines.

Our beam queens and floor roars are fighting for alignment with more and more ladies bringing their routines together. It’s fun to see all of our new choreographies come together, having three amazing coaches doing our choreography is so awesome because we get a lot of variety in our routines!

Rylie Molina is back showing us why she’s a queen on beam with her beautiful streak. Our coaches will have their work cut out for them when it comes to choosing the lineup.

Shout out to Sophomore Roxy Myers for showing us the courage to recover from her surgery. She shows the Ladies and everyone else what it means to stay positive, trust the process, and be a great teammate, whatever your role.

The season is fast approaching and the Ladies are working hard to prepare for it. Looking forward to seeing our fans and supporters this year!

Sophomore Izzie Plaza is signing. See you at our first home meeting on January 23.

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