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LOCK HAVEN – Election season is approaching and Clinton County is getting ready to receive the ballots.

Director of Voter Registration and Election Maria Boileau spoke to Clinton County commissioners on Monday morning, updating the county on next month’s election. She explained in detail the registration process, in particular with the postal and postal ballots.

The election is set for Tuesday, November 2, with the last day to register to vote being October 18. Boileau explained that the last day to request a postal or postal ballot is October 26. According to Boileau, the county sent out 1,452 ballots last Friday, which voters are expected to get this week. Ballots will only be sent to those who have requested them.

For those who cast the ballots, there is a ballot box located in front of the Piper building which is “Unlocked and ready to go” according to Boileau. The ballot box is under camera surveillance 24 hours a day and only the voter can cast their ballot in the Piper building, and only there.

Commissioner Angela Harding asked Boileau how often the ballot box is emptied. Boileau said the box is typically emptied two to three times a day.

“It depends on the occupation. In the morning, generally at lunch, and generally after the arrival of the mail ”, she said.

Boileau also provided an update on the total number of voters located in Clinton County. She said there are currently a total of 21,885 registered voters in the county. A total of 7,233 are registered Democrats, 11,829 are registered Republicans, 117 are registered libertarians, 25 are registered green and the rest are registered “other.”

Currently, the townships of Porter and Allison still need more poll workers, Boileau said.

For people who want to register to vote or want to update their voter registration, they can either go online at and download an app. They can also call the Elections Office at (570) 893-4019 with any questions or concerns they may have.

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