David Vandyke focuses on Weona Smartone with Orbisyn ruled out until fall

Weona Smartone will carry the David Vandyke flag this spring after revealing that her exciting teammate Orbisyn will be on an extended hiatus.

As David Vandyke prepares to try to go where he’s never been before with Weona Smartone shooting for seven straight wins, he revealed his teammate Orbisyn won’t be seen at the races until the fall.

Undefeated hype horse Orbisyn, a four-of-four winner, was even mentioned at one point in dispatches relating to the $ 15 million Everest.

Orbisyn became lame and was set to return to work, but Vandyke confirmed the thrilling galloper was spelling and would have an extended break.

“After the setback, I had a good conversation with its owner and she was not in love with the idea of ​​piloting it all summer, because it can be very hot without the weather contributing”, Vandyke said.

“So we’re going to give him a good, long break and he’ll be back in the fall.

“I have no doubts that he will be a better horse then.”


While Orbisyn will not be seen at the races for a while, the juggernaut Weona Smartone is driving the Gold Coast on Saturday.

After being beaten in his debut, the now five-year-old gelding has a six-game winning streak and is seeded at $ 1.40 to make seven in a row in the Class Six Handicap (1,200m) on the Gold Coast.

This is new territory for winning Group 1 trainer Vandyke – he has never coached a horse that has won seven on the rebound.

But he’s convinced the rising star galloper is on the song after having a scorching debut run when he narrowly won after sitting down at brutal speed in Doomben last month.

“I didn’t expect him to have such a tough run as he did in his first game, but saying I didn’t expect him to come back as well as he did,” said Vandyke.

“It took him a week to regain that spring, but I think three weeks between races is ideal for second place.

“Aiming for seven shots in a row with a horse is virgin territory for me.

“It would be nice to have a horse that can do that.

“I like to take my horses through the ranks, so there were a few of mine that had a fence (of wins) next to their name.

“But there certainly haven’t been seven pickets before.

Vandyke is not sure what the immediate future of the race is for Weona Smartone after his race at Gold Coast on Saturday.

“We’ll just have to see how he runs on Saturday, if we think of better races in the south, the logistics get a bit difficult with the restrictions (Covid-19),” Vandyke said.

“Whether we save it for the Open Handicaps and try to eliminate a few in Queensland and consider something in the south later on, I’m not quite sure yet.”

Meanwhile, Vandyke has the impressive last Listed Goldmarket winner, Desert Lord, set to tackle the Weetwood Handicap at Toowoomba on Saturday week.

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