Drying for the rest of the day

As we continue our Friday afternoon, we continue to watch the last remaining thunderstorm move east. Once these thunderstorms clear the area, the remainder of the day will be dry. As an easterly high pressure continues to move east, we will have more pronounced southerly winds that will increase our humidity levels throughout the day. Winds could be blowing up to 20-25 mph. With the clouds in the area, we won’t see much warm-up. The highs will be in the mid-80s. However, with increasing humidity it will appear closer to 90. We may also have smoke above us as another pulse of smoke from the fires in forest in the west makes its way into the region. The clouds will remain for a good part of the day, but very gradually we should see them start to separate. By Friday evening, the skies will be generally clear to partly cloudy. The minimums will be between the mid to high 60s.

Saturday will be warmer however, with highs in the 80s above near 90. With dew points in the 70s, humidity levels will be high. As a result, it feels like temperatures will be somewhere between the mid to high 90s. I would expect the day to be mostly sunny and then turn partly cloudy. We have to stay dry though.

More showers and thunderstorms are expected on Sunday. A few of the storms could be on the strong to severe side.

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