Ethan Klein exposes Durte Dom after claiming he had “reunited” with David Dobrik

Ethan Klein denounced Durte Dom for hiring a Dabid Dobrik lookalike to claim he had “reunited” him in the wake of their fallout after allegations of sexual assault against him surfaced.

In March 2021, Durte Dom was charged with sexually assaulting an extra while filming Vlog Squad with David Dobrik.

And after other allegations surfaced, he apologized but claimed his character was “unfairly attacked.”

Dobrik was also grappling with his own controversies around the same time, and a rift began to form between him and Dom. However, after a long hiatus, Dobrik returned to YouTube, and it looked like the two had made things right, at least that’s what people thought.

According to Ethan Klein, the recent “reunion” videos Dom posted on social media don’t seem legitimate. In fact, he claims to have hired a lookalike to pretend to be Dobrik, though he’s not sure what his motive might be.


they threw dirt on our names, they tried to end us… try again! @daviddobrik @mattzworld 😛🙏🏻 #vlogsquad #tiktok #fyp

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“People are saying he maybe hired a lookalike,” Klein said.

“Can you believe how disturbing it is?” In the midst of what he’s accused of. I feel like David could probably sue him for it. He went to get an extra that looked like David.

“Like, you can tell they’re acting. This is the next level. There are so many [that all have] the same double he hired. So his response to being accused of being a predator was to hire a David Dobrik lookalike and bring back a whole series of David and Dom.

Klein concluded that it was unclear whether Dom was trying to get Dobrik into trouble for revenge or just to get points of view. Either way, he laughed at the fact that he managed to get some “good mileage” from the lookalike.

Klein isn’t the only one who thinks Dom has hired a doppelganger. Many fans and viewers also came to the same conclusion.

One video looks more legitimate than the others, but people still have doubts as to whether it’s really Dobrik.

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