It’s not too early to plan air travel during the holidays

Many schools in the region are resuming their lessons. The summer break is behind us. Is it time to start preparing for the winter vacation? Yes it is.

I checked for advice with the right people at Cheap flights from Scott that track down all the latest flight deals.

“Flights are one of the most unpredictable and difficult things to understand on a regular basis, as flights fluctuate by day, sometimes by the hour,” Willis Orlando of Scott’s Cheap Flights to the Fox 5 I-Team. “And most people don’t have the time, the energy, the effort to spend all day looking for cheap flights. But that’s what we do.”

Mr. Orlando, an operations specialist member, and his team screen approximately 160 airports in the United States alone. That’s the sort of thing they find: a round-trip flight from Atlanta to Hong Kong during spring break for $ 304. A return flight from Atlanta to Alaska for only $ 204.

You can also try this deal finder app called Hopper. Put in your desired destination. The app will highlight the best times to fly. Choose your dates. The Hopper bunny goes to find the case. And you can find what I did, a $ 190 flight from Atlanta to Vegas in December.


It will drop you price tracking notices. If it’s less than that, you’ll hear about it!

Now what if you can’t find the deal you need to travel to, say, St. Louis or Minneapolis to see your family over the holiday season? Try to go on vacation in the off season, like Venice in the winter. When you want to travel during these high season dates, the flexibility of the schedules can get you where you want to go.

“So if you’re looking to take a pleasure trip over the holidays, consider removing it slightly from regular season dates. Prices tend to be much lower for, say, December 22 and after the 6th. January, “said Willis Orlando. .

Don’t expect low prices, even with the increase in the Delta variant of COVID-19. Of course, things could change, but people are vaccinated and masked.

Look now. Configure alerts. Try flexible dates. Go somewhere out of season.

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