Lee County School District releases COVID plans as students return from vacation

After facing many questions about its COVID 2022 plans, the Lee County School District (SDLC) has an answer.

Due to the severity of the Omicron variant, the district has announced that it will be in the “high community transmission” phase. Measures will enforce rules such as a ban on the use of lockers in the hallways, cancellations of school trips in January and the absence of visitors to campuses during school hours.

High Transmission strategies will begin on January 3 and take full effect on Wednesday January 5. The district provided a comprehensive mitigation matrix on its website.

“As we return to some of our previously implemented protocols, we would like to thank you for your resilience and persistence,” said SDLC Deputy Director Rob Spicker. “Consistent implementation of our mitigation strategies will help reduce the spread of COVID-19, help our healthcare partners with hospital bed capacities, and keep our students and employees safe. “

SDLC is awaiting advice from the State Surgeon General on whether to adopt the CDC’s recommendation for shorter positive COVID test isolation periods. Until there, Emergency rule There is a need to track what determines when COVID-positive students can return to school.

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