Looks Like Another Former Grey’s Anatomy Star Is Considering a Season 19 Return

It was a mass exodus for healthcare professionals from Gray Sloan in Grey’s AnatomySeason 18 finale. Bailey retired, Webber took a sabbatical, the the inhabitants have become orphansand Teddy and Owen were running from the police. For all the doctors we’ve seen leave the hospital, someone has to take their place, right? An old Grey’s Anatomy The actress recently opened up about the possibility of her character making a return in the upcoming season, and she’s someone fans are really hoping to see more of.

Kate Walsh, whose character Addison Montgomery was presented in a spirited way in the Season 1 finale in 2005, talked about the “possibility” of a Season 19 return. had hoped with his uterine transplant patient, it didn’t happen it doesn’t seem like his script was right more! Is there a chance Addison will return to help Meredith keep the hospital running? walsh said Showbiz Cheat Sheet:

Who knows? There’s–there’s a possibility. I don’t know what I would do. We talk a bit about the possibility of coming back for something, but I don’t know yet. But yeah, I just know there’s gonna be a lot of things in store for next season, a lot of changes, a lot of really cool things, I think new beginnings and different, just different places the show is going to go .

It looks like things are still up in the air as to if and how Kate Walsh will fit into the Season 19 plan, but it’s encouraging that conversations are taking place. Addison’s presence contributed so much last season, from instant classic elevator scene when she was confronted with the reality of Derek’s death (and then met his children!) to give Amelia the brotherly love she needed to end one relationship and start another. She also seemed to be both the voice of reason and comic relief around the hospital when everyone was crazy about Meredith wants to move to Minnesota.

Kim Raver, likewise, gave vague answers about what season 19 has in store for Teddy’s Owen and Kevin McKidd, who tendered their resignations and went on the run after Bailey learned that Owen had stolen medicine from the hospital to help terminally ill veterans die. Raver said she hopes that’s not how their story ends, and with her and McKidd under contract for another season, I think it’s safe to say they’ll be back – despite McKidd embarks on other projects.

Webber (James Pickens Jr.), meanwhile, has decided to take a sabbatical with his wife, after Catherine’s cancer has returned to remissionand Bailey (Chandra Wilson) – who was way too close to another heart attack all season – quit without notice, leaving Meredith with the keys to the kingdom she was so desperately trying to leave. Add to that all the residents who were orphaned after their surgical program closed, and we can really see what Kate Walsh could be talking about when she says Season 19 will contain “new beginnings” and “lots of changes.” Count on me!

While we wait to see who is and who’s coming out in Fall 2022 on ABC, you can now watch all 18 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix with a subscriptionand be sure to check out our TV program 2022 to see what premieres are coming soon.

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