‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore Hides New Boyfriend Abroad – See Photos

My big fabulous life Star Whitney thore has spent a lot of time abroad in Europe lately, but few suspected that she had found a boyfriend while in France. She had only posted pictures with a friend. But it seems that is exactly what happened and that she found love on the other side of the pond.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Shows Off Her Man

Whitney Thore has a new boyfriend, and he’s not American. Whitney has a new Frenchman, but he’s shy in front of the camera and says he values ​​his privacy. My big fabulous life celebrity Whitney said she always wanted to show it off, and she found a compromise. There have been rumors about a new man – and here he is …

MBFFL Celebrity Whitney Thore shared photos of her new boyfriend – but she didn’t show her face. Some fans of the TLC show have said they’ve already wrapped up this new season before it even started. Some even allege this new man is a fake boyfriend, and some have teased that she just used photos of her and Chase Severino when they were in France.

Posting the photos, Whitney said she has a love / hate relationship with social media. But despite this, she wanted to show off her new boyfriend – even without a face. Viewers of My big fabulous life said they wondered how many more boyfriends she would have on the show. However, we certainly hope that this is the real deal and that this new guy is right for her.

Whitney proud of her new relationship

My big fabulous life Dance diva Whitney Thore spent a lot of time in France during her break from filming – which she called a “sabbatical”. She was there with her friend – a plus size model and influencer. But now viewers know that she was also there with her new man. She didn’t give a lot of details on how she met him, but some people think they do.

Whitney mentioned that she was trying online dating and moving to Paris. She wanted to see French men, and it seems her strategy might have worked. She said she didn’t feel dishonest because the app showed she was not in Paris when they saw her. Fans have said it seems odd that she still has long-distance relationships.

My Big Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore

My big fabulous life observers wondered if this new man would be on the show but faded away. As of yet, Whitney has not shared any details about if he is in or out of registration. With the new season starting soon (mid-August), that means filming ended some time ago. If their romance is new enough, the timing just doesn’t line up.

My great fabulous life: ignoring exes

Whitney Thore from My big fabulous life didn’t say anything about her ex’s recent development. Chase Severino now feels brave enough to say more about his life. He, his girlfriend and their daughter, Aurora, have just moved into a new home.

My big fabulous life fans said they thought Whitney would say something about it. But it looks like she’s been a bit busy with some big news. In fact, some people think that she might not even be aware of the new development.

The last time Whitney My big fabulous life was in France with a man – it was Chase. Some viewers wondered if it felt weird for her to be there with another guy. From the look of those photos above, it doesn’t seem like she cares at all.

Preparation for a new season and romance in France

Whitney has told everyone to watch the new season. My big fabulous life viewers can’t wait to learn more about what Whitney Thore has been up to since last season. Plus, she could tell more about this new man. She recently showed off some of her adventures, but everyone wants details.

Whitney was on the water a few days after the recording and her brother Hunter Thore was with her. Viewers said they love the sibling fun they have together and it makes good TV. Some fans wonder what Hunter thinks of this newcomer from Paris. No matter what people think, if Whitney likes her, she will be fine. Be sure to watch Season 9 on August 17th.

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