NaaS to Collaborate with EEZI, Marking Another Step on the Road to Smart Travel

BEIJING, September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NaaS Technology Inc. (“NaaS” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: NAAS), China’s leading publicly listed electric vehicle charging service provider, recently launched a partnership with EEZI, a service provider with an intelligent travel ecosystem integrating hardware and software. The two parties will work in tandem on smart travel solutions and smart charging services to provide a diversified charging experience and personalized services.

Now, China The new energy vehicle industry has entered a phase of rapid and large-scale development, and smart travel is experiencing a sustained boom in popularity. As a provider of smart travel solutions combining hardware and software, EEZI masters the design, research and development and operation of smart cockpits, autonomous driving, software ecosystems and user experience. EEZI, as a new company in the smart travel industry, is committed to developing autonomous driving and smart cockpits, aiming to make users more comfortable while driving.

EEZI OS, EEZI’s intelligent cockpit system, is one of the highlights of EEZI’s offerings. EEZI OS achieves the fundamental goals of design, human-computer interaction, immersive entertainment and intelligent cockpit connection via voice command, central control PAD, steering wheel for games and custom console parts. By doing so, EEZI can break down barriers between service scenarios and meet users’ diverse entertainment, travel and shopping needs in a variety of scenarios.

As the two companies cooperate, NaaS will integrate its digital charging network covering the entire China in EEZI Load Management and Operation Platform, EEZI Machine and EEZI App. In addition, smart matching for charging needs, vehicle scenario data and charging service will be managed relying on cloud computing, smart algorithms and big data service capability of NaaS. Car owners will enjoy an innovative charging experience with “one-click charging pile location, navigation and payment” thanks to the company’s close cooperation with Kuaidian. The NaaS aims to comprehensively improve the driving experience of car owners and advance the development of EEZI’s smart grid ecosystem. In addition, NaaS will work with Kuaidian to provide EEZI with a range of services, including product promotion, operational platform development and user experience, to help EEZI enable new vehicles owned by vehicle companies. third parties to quickly enter the market.

“The current trend in the industry is software-defined vehicles. The NaaS includes a public charging cell network that covers the whole country and can provide one-stop charging service solutions for users,” said Mou LuCEO of EEZI, “NaaS has advanced capabilities in terms of digitization, resource integration and user service. Through the partnership between NaaS and EEZI, new vehicles equipped by EEZI for third-party vehicle companies can produce a diverse smart cockpit experience and promote deep integration between smart travel and smart grids.”

“The first half of the new energy vehicle revolution is electric, while the second half will focus on the introduction of smart technology. Improving the driving experience of car owners digitally and intelligently remains the secret for stabilize and increase the consumption of new energy vehicles,” said Liang XingVice President of NaaS, “NaaS is poised to continue sharing digital energy solutions, empowering industry and partners to improve the level of intelligence in energy supply to industry. As NaaS and EEZI come together, power consumption can shift from Data Buy (purchase based on data orientation) to Auto Buy (unmanned intelligent supply consumption).”

As one of China largest and fastest growing energy service providers, NaaS can provide one-stop service to charge cell manufacturers, operators and major engine factories by digitally connecting the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. From June 30, 2022NaaS operates in 358 cities across China and connected to over 400,000 chargers and 44,000 charging stations. NaaS would also provide charging services to brands such as NIO, FAW-Volkswagen, Li Auto as well as VOYAH.

About NaaS Technology Inc.

NaaS Technology Inc. (“NaaS” or the “Company”) is one of the largest and fastest growing electric vehicle (“EV”) charging service providers in the world. China. The company is a subsidiary of NewLink, a leading energy digitalization group in China. NaaS provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop for charger manufacturers and operators, OEMs, internal delivery fleets as well as fleet operators, with online, offline and non-electric services covering the entire value chain of the electric vehicle industry. From June 30, 2022NaaS operates in 358 cities across China and has connected to over 400,000 chargers and 44,000 charging stations. On June 13, 2022NaaS Technology Inc. was officially listed on NASDAQ under the symbol NAAS.


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