New York teacher suspended after offensive assignment

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY (WIVB) – A Williamsville, New York teacher has been suspended from class indefinitely after a controversial assignment, according to The Buffalo News. Last month, a parent sent WIVB a copy of the assignment that called Mexicans “ugly” and Americans “pretty.”

The assignment asked students to translate sentences into Spanish. One line read, “You’re Mexican and ugly.” Another line read, “You’re pretty and American.” Reportedly, Karen Hamm, a Spanish teacher at Mill Middle School, issued the assignment, and Williamsville schools placed her on indefinite paid leave.

Many people took to social media, calling the mission inappropriate and completely unacceptable. Shortly after, Williamsville Schools Superintendent Dr. Darren Brown-Hall addressed an offensive assignment at a school board meeting, but did not elaborate on the specifics of the assignment.

“This teacher-created assignment provided to students was totally unacceptable,” Brown-Hall said. “We are dealing with the situation to make sure this does not happen again. The district does not tolerate any educational materials that disparage our students, families, culture, or beliefs. Our goal as a district is to create an intentionally welcoming learning environment that celebrates our community and its diversity. This assignment does not meet our standards and will be handled appropriately. »

Williamsville Schools has not provided an updated statement since the board meeting last month. On Friday, News 4 called Hamm several times to try to get an answer but got no response.

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