Pedro Alfonso asks his followers for help so that they do not fall into addiction

For this reason, he shared his feelings with his followers on the social network asking them to say “He’s a genius” To give him strength and not fall back on cigarettes.

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“About two months ago I quit smoking and I’m very happy and proud of it. But today has been a tough day and sometimes the relaxation is not because of the smoking, but because of the desire “, Alluded to the actor with an open heart.

and asked: “So I want you to tell me you’re a genius. I continued. Etc. So when I have a day like today, I come and read them.

“This is the book that made me quit smoking (“Quitting Smoking Is Easy, If You Know How”) that support and praise are essential.Continue Pierre Alfonso,

“I’m already an ex-smoker, but if I ever had another sabbatical I would come here to read instead of a book. Meanwhile, taking advantage of this magnificent theater, Florencio Sánchez in Pessando”, End.

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Paula Chaves reveals her worrying state of health

Paula Chaves He was speaking for the first time about a situation he had been dealing with for many years. invited to the circle of open lopez, Chinese game, TelefeThe model and host spoke about the health problem that torments her and for which she went through complicated episodes with her children, Olivia, Balthazari You Philip,

“I’m a hypochondriac. I never said that. My head goes anywhere, ” told the wife to Pierre Alfonso to the East CCQ, “You tell me that they found something in someone close to you, that they operated on it, and I am already starting with symptoms. Mosquito bites make my head go anywhere,” he said amid laughter, though firmly admitting the problem.

Driver details a special episode he experienced while on vacation: “It was in the Bahamas, it was our dream trip, and I came with two boys” (Olivia and Balthazar) He had a fever. I spent four days without leaving the room. Me, crying, with a thermometer. I pass it to fret, Remember Paul,

Another example added Paula Chaves it was “One day Pedro called me by video call and told me that he had a headache. I started crying a lot. And he said to me, ‘What happened? past?’. ‘I’m worried about your headache. It’s a problem'”revealed.

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