Piers Morgan ‘takes ultimate revenge on ITV by pinching Good Morning Britain’s ‘top stars’

PIERS Morgan got revenge on former employer ITV by nabbing their brightest backstage talent.

The former Good Morning Britain host, 56, has hired six key members of the channel’s production staff, including Erron Gordon – his former manager on GMB – to operate his new primetime show on TalkTV.


Piers Morgan has selected top ITV talent for his new show
Erron Gordon will oversee Piers' new show


Erron Gordon will oversee Piers’ new show

An insider gloated to the Mail: ‘We nicked all the best people.

While another source said: “Piers is not a man to go through. He was kicked out of ITV totally unnecessarily and now he has exacted ultimate revenge by taking their stars.”

“He’s only hired the people he thinks are the best, so it’s a really big blow to the chain.”

The broadcaster quit ITV last March after a furious on-air row with meteorologist Alex Beresford over his views of Meghan Markle.

After taking a long break from the limelight, the sought-after Piers has signed on for NewsCorp’s fledgling channel.

Joining him for the new business.

Vivek Sharma, an eight-year veteran of ITV Daytime, will executive produce TalkTV, This Morning director Tim Carr has also made the move, as has producer Lindsey Bowers.

Last week, Piers gave fans a first look at his new, state-of-the-art TalkTV studio ahead of his return to TV.

He is chomping at the bit to return to the air where he will express strong opinions and hold lively debates.

Sharing a photo of the studio in progress on Instagram, he wrote: “BREAKING: First (very early) glimpse of my new home spanking job.

“If you judge a man by the size of his studio, then I’ll be MASSIVE when my new global daily prime time TV show launches in a few weeks. PS relax, these aren’t really track lights dancing… 🕺.”

The vast space raged with his supporters, who are just as excited as he is.

One commented: “Looking forward to seeing you again and calling the whole Awakened Brigade and exposing them one by one. They had carte blanche in your absence Piers. As for the studio…. Is it worth it.”

A second said: “I’m so excited for you XXX you really deserve it Piers..”

A third posted, “I can’t wait!!! It’s been too long.”

Piers’ return to NewsCorp and The Sun has already gotten off to a flying start with a series of searing columns.

He didn’t mince words in scathing articles about the Prime Minister, Prince Harry and Adele following the cancellation of his Las Vegas residency at the 11th hour.

Loose Women director Ollie Gardner is TalkTV's deputy studio production manager


Loose Women director Ollie Gardner is TalkTV’s deputy studio production manager
Piers gave a first look at his new TV studio


Piers gave a first look at his new TV studio

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