Ryan Reynolds Still Confused With Ben Affleck At NYC Pizzeria

Ryan Reynolds is apparently a Ben Affleck lookalike.

Reynolds’ local pizza place always confuses him with the “The Last Duel” actor, and ironically, he lets them be.

“They believe I’m Ben Affleck and I never corrected them,” he said of the East Village pizzeria in an episode of the “Dear Hank & John” podcast.

It’s been “years,” added the “Deadpool” actor, 45. “I don’t think it would go well if I revealed.”

While he grabbed a “like everyone else” installment and didn’t get it for free due to his celebrity status, he believes it may be too late to fix them.

“They’re going to ask how J.Lo is doing, and I’m ‘fine’ and I grab my pizza and I’m leaving,” he continued.

He’s also worried about giving Affleck a bad name with his “slightly edgy” look.

“When I leave I think they say to me, ‘I don’t think Ben Affleck is amused by us. I must be more of a shredder. I have to take care of Ben.

He revealed he was also confused for Ryan Gosling – another Canadian Ryan with star status. According to Reynolds, the two couldn’t be more different.

If he had played in “The Notebook”, he said, it would have been “unforgivable”.

“It would have failed terribly,” he joked. “It would have been worse.”

But Reynolds has a surefire way to set himself apart: announcing an acting sabbatical.

After completing his last films “Red Notice”, with co-stars Gal Gadot and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and the holiday film “Spirited”, he said he would take a step back from the shoot until “Deadpool 3” begins to spin.

Earlier this year, Reynolds shared that he “didn’t want to miss” time with his children. in an interview with LinkedIn.

“I really love being a present dad. I love to take [the kids] at school in the morning, I love to pick them up. I like having the hours in between to focus on the things that really excite me, ”he said. “It’s a juggling act.”

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