Sadik Hadzovic Gives His Comeback Date, Has Epic Triceps Workout

Sadik Hadzovic reveals when he returns on stage.

Sadik Hadzovic is back. Longtime Men’s Physique and Classic Physique contestant has finally revealed his return date. The popular bodybuilder also shared some of his recent training as he documents his return to action.

For a top professional athlete, sometimes taking a sabbatical can be the key to success. Sometimes pushing yourself too hard, beyond your limits, without seeing significant improvement can do more harm than good. Sometimes that means taking a step back and focusing on other projects can revitalize a competitor’s career.

This seems to be exactly what Sadik Hadzovic is aiming for.

Back on stage

After stepping away from competition for more than three years, it looks like Sadik Hadzovic is set to make his comeback. The popular bodybuilder hinted at his comeback some time ago, but now we have some definitive answers.

Sadik Hadzovic took advantage of his Instagram story to inform his fans of the date of his return.

Serious triceps training

It looks like Sadik Hadzovic will be making his return to the New York Pro 2022 in May. While we haven’t seen Hadzovic on stage in quite some time, from his recent social media post, it’s clear that he takes his preparation seriously.

You don’t see a lot of guys at the gym working their triceps the same way they blow their biceps! But did you know that you can grow your arms much faster by training each tricep head individually. By doing this, you minimize the risk of overdeveloping one head at the cost of stunted growth in another.

That’s why you need a tricep breakout workout like the one displayed above that focuses on each section of your arms equally. There are also tons of different triceps exercises available depending on what you want to focus on, what exercise and what hand position you use!

It is clear that Sadik Hadzovic is doing serious work to make a triumphant return to the stage.

What do you think of Sadik Hadzovic and his upcoming comeback?

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