Safety tips for children during summer vacation

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Many local kids are starting their summer vacations.

From travel to outdoor activities, a Valley Children’s pediatrician says summer is a great time to keep kids active.

“We want them to move their little bodies,” Dr. Hailey Nelson said. “That’s how you stay healthy.”

If your child plans to be outside a lot this summer, don’t forget to apply and reapply sunscreen.

Some kids spend their summer jumping from one outdoor activity to another.

Nelson said to keep in mind that the high temperatures in the valley can cause heat exhaustion.

“Really kind of being proactive when you send them off with a full bottle of water when you pick them up, they should have been drinking it while they were there,” she said.

A trip to the water is a great option to beat the heat, but Dr. Nelson said an adult should always be within arm’s length of a child.

She also added that the color of a child’s swimsuit can make a big difference if a child goes missing underwater.

“Light blue swimsuits blend in the deeper the water,” Dr. Nelson said. “If you have something neon, you’ll be able to spot it.”

On land, kids can stay active on the bikes but make sure the helmet snaps on properly.

“When a helmet is on your head, you want it to be parallel to the ground,” Dr. Nelson said. “So you really want to cover their foreheads.”

When the day is over, Dr Nelson said it’s always important for children to stick to bedtime.

“Giving your child a structured bedtime and some sort of plan for how you’re going to approach summer will actually make things easier when you go back to school this fall,” she said.

While school is out, Dr. Nelson suggests scheduling annual medical checkups or vaccinations, as many healthcare facilities are facing a backlog of appointments due to COVID-19.

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