SEO expert Neha Agarwal empowers women through her agency ‘Digi Acai.’

Motherhood is something that brings tremendous joy and positivity to life. Sometimes it also brings a break in a woman’s working life, leading to an awkward question: “Will I ever go back to work?” Or ‘How long will it take me to start working again?’ The desire to return to work after childbirth demonstrates their zeal to be independent. Returning to work after maternity leave is never easy for career-motivated women, and they often find themselves stuck, overwhelmed and ill-prepared. In this difficult time, they need something that gives them self-confidence and gives them the opportunity to show their talent. Along the same lines, “Digi Acai”, a leading SEO agency founded by Neha Agarwal, helps many career-motivated women by providing them with a platform to prove their abilities after motherhood or after a short hiatus.

Created by Neha Agarwal, Digi Acai, a Delhi-NCR-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency, helps Millennials moms by empowering them to work with them and creating a work culture that mitigates the difficulties they are going through. During these difficult times, Digi Acai has been the boom for many young mothers. The startup allows women to do “internship programs” with them, and at the end of their program, depending on their performance and report, they are hired by the company. Digi Acai also allows its team to have “flexible working hours” and “work from home” to help them work efficiently in their comfort. Neha Agarwal, the founder of the emerging SEO agency, is a mom and understands the hardships ambitious young mothers face after their maternity or sabbatical leave.

Neha’s journey has been amazing. Starting from a small town, she continued to work on and worked there for a while. After working in a very competitive corporate environment, she realized that she did not belong to a 9-5 job and wanted to make a career on her own where she would be able to take the lead by herself. -same. In 2018, his life took a turn. Young Neha became a mother to a little boy and had to take a break, which made her realize that it was time to follow through on her dream of starting her business. She started fundraising and in 2019 she announced her business.

Speaking of her motivation, Neha Agarwal said: “It was during my motherhood days that I felt nervous about my prospects. I was overjoyed as I was lucky enough to have a baby boy. , but at the same time, I was worried about my career and felt that there would be hundreds of career-oriented women who would feel the same. Agency – Digi Acai. “

Digi Acai offers its employees the ability to work from remote locations across India. Digi Acai’s team of young mothers give all maternal care to their children and do their jobs in a professional manner, and from now on they have been much more responsible. The employees quickly achieved their deliverables and most of their customers are happy with the show these mothers put on.

Taneesha Bhandari, SEO Manager at Digi Acai, speaking about her background, says: “My stay here has been phenomenal. After my maternity, Digi Acai allowed me to work according to my flexibility, and so far the growth has been exceptional. Company policy has been meticulously crafted, keeping in mind the challenges faced by professional mothers like me. Fortunately, here we do not face any kind of pressure and restrictions, and even our customers are informed of our policies accordingly. “

Digi Acai is quickly becoming a strong name in the field. In one year, she has served over 60 clients and is constantly expanding her client base. They have now become the preferred choice of many startups to boost their online presence. Neha Agarwal, with her team, works continuously to make Digi Acai a leading brand in the field and aims to help over 100 startups in their organic growth in just one year. Not only does Neha aspire to take her business, Digi Acai, to a whole new level, but she also wants to empower women who have huge potential but are struggling to achieve their dream due to several factors.

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