‘Star Wars’ Fans Still Have A Million Questions About The Knights Of Ren

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The star wars The sequel trilogy is constantly discussed online, with fans coldly warring over opinions on the latest entries in the saga.

Cue one of the most talked about elements of the sequels, the sinister and mysterious Knights of Ren. Teased and planted in the minds of fans right from the teasers of the force awakensthey didn’t really get much screen time until The Rise of Skywalkerwith five years of fan theories to tackle.

Now the discussion is back to the Knights of Ren, and what exactly they were doing when Starkiller Base blew up, or when Kylo sliced ​​Snoke in half like a paddle stick. Were they on sabbatical? Did they break up like an 80s rock band?

By the time they reappeared and worked under the prodigal son that is Kylo Ren again, what had they been doing? Reddit has lots of ideas for what they were doing.

As with any job, it’s possible Ren sent them all off for teambuilding lessons and classic icebreakers. If you don’t know the masked guy you’re fighting with, how can you expect to impose an intergalactic fascist theocracy?

For those confused, there’s an actual story to these guys, with an explanation in the canon comics that they’re force pirates. They are really looting for space loot.

With this explanation comes some apt To fall-related memes. If there’s one thing that unites villains across genres, it’s the weird black BDSM outfits with lots of spikes.

Many questions are also asked about their equipment. Why would a flail be so useful against a Jedi wielding a lightsaber? Isn’t that like bringing a spoon to a knife fight?

It’s possible we’ll see more Knights of Ren in the future, especially as fans begin to slowly warm up to the aftermath of the trilogy. star wars and the fandom goes cyclically, much like the idea of ​​the Force itself. Everyone hated the prequel trilogy until a certain point in the mid-2010s: when the people who grew up with those films reached adulthood.

Rey was one of most popular characters from the last 10 years of the franchiseand young girls and boys will grow up watching these movies and loving them.

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