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Chief Meteorologist Bryan Bachman has your latest First Warn 5 forecast!

The heat and humidity are about to drop, but we have a few storms to deal with along the way!


Showers and thunderstorms will increase overnight as a cold front draped over Lake Huron in southern Minnesota slowly drifts south. The random activity will give way to a larger complex of thunderstorms coming from Lake Michigan, seriously collecting between 8:00 p.m. and midnight. Torrential rains and frequent lightning are expected along with the thunderstorms, with isolated severe weather events possible in the form of damaging winds and hail.

After the main wave of thunderstorms, things will return to occasional showers and thunderstorms overnight. Some will still be capable of heavy showers, but the wet weather will be more uneven during the morning drive. The low temperatures will begin to cool slightly, ending in the mid-60s in the morning.

Down tonight


With the cold front continuing to slowly progress southward, occasional showers and thunderstorms will persist throughout the day on Wednesday. Keep an umbrella handy and be prepared for smooth trips every now and then. On a more positive note, however, conditions will take a much more comfortable turn. Wednesday’s highs will level off in the 70s. Much below average, but a subdued heat break, especially when combined with the expected drop in humidity.

The showers will continue until Wednesday evening, with a few possible thunderstorms. Temperatures will continue to cool, with lows dipping into the upper 1950s.

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