Swedish tech company pioneers equal parental leave in Sri Lanka with 4 months paid leave for mothers and fathers

Understanding the importance of fathers playing a key role in the family after a newborn or newly adopted child, software development company Ascentic with offices in Sweden recently made history in the corporate sector in Sri Lanka. by introducing a four-month paternity leave for its employees. This is an important step in the company’s efforts to embrace a culture of non-sex, fairness and inclusiveness.

Currently there are paternity leave provisions in law for the private sector. Breaking away from conventional practices, Ascentic realized the many benefits paternity leave brings for new fathers and the need to standardize paternity leave in Sri Lanka, as many fear the risk of career setbacks due to poor policies. family friendly.

Paternity leave lays the foundation for more equal family responsibility and helps the other partner provide emotional support and be present during the baby’s first days of care, which is both a mental and physical challenge. According to a McKinsey poll last year, 90% of men polled said paternity leave improved their relationship with their partner, resulting in greater relationship stability.

The study also found that the father’s increased involvement in the care of the baby can help alleviate the outcomes of postpartum depression in the mother, and a renewed sense of priorities that can increase job satisfaction.

Many fathers usually express their unhappiness with not having enough time to spend with their children, and this could help change that. It also significantly contributes to mothers’ work by being at home and helping them return to the labor market earlier.

Ascentic Founder and CEO Anna Kalm said: “We are very proud to be the first company in the country’s private sector and IT industry to introduce four-month fully paid paternity leave for mothers. and fathers or partners. Times are changing with the Millennial and Gen Z workforce and the pandemic is taking a heavy toll as well, especially among working parents. This allows Ascentic’s active fathers to be present at the most special moments in life and to create that bond that will shape family dynamics in the future.

Anna and co-founder Patrik Alm believe in embracing a culture that provides a healthy work-life balance for both partners. Ascentic is truly Sri Lankan in all of his professional aspects with values ​​that stretch back to the founders’ home country, Sweden, a country that has the most generous parental leave policies with state paid parental allowance.

This year, Ascentic was ranked among the Best Workplaces in Asia in the Small and Medium Category List, Best Workplaces in Sri Lanka, Top 10 Small and Medium IT / ITES Workplaces, and Top 15 best places to work in Sri Lanka for millennials, by Great Place to Work Sri Lanka. With over 90 employees and active team expansions underway, Ascentic goes beyond the pursuit of exponential growth to redefining its people-centric corporate culture. For more information, please visit www.ascentic.lk.

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