Texas Democrat lawmaker set on fire for touting individual ‘sacrifice’ for fleeing state by private jet

A representative for the state of Texas was ravaged on social media Monday for touting the so-called “sacrifice” of Democratic Texas lawmakers who left the state on a chartered jet to prevent the legislature from l ‘State to vote on two electoral reform bills.

“I just landed in Memphis on my way to DC,” James Talarico, a 32-year-old congresswoman for Texas state legislator, wrote on Twitter. “Thank you all for your wishes. We have left behind our families, our livelihoods and our beloved Texas. But our sacrifice is nothing compared to the sacrifices brave Americans have made throughout history. to protect the sacred right to vote. “

Texas House Democrats fled the state on Monday in an attempt to break the quorum and stop votes on two election bills introduced by Republicans in the state. Lawmakers reportedly jumped on a private flight to Washington, DC, where they planned to lobby for the protection of federal voters. A photo released by a lawmaker on board shows several State Democrats smiling comfortably, sporting a “peace” symbol. Others were reportedly pictured on a bus bound for DC with packs of Miller Lite.

Democrats in the state were immediately criticized for choosing to travel maskless despite trade regulations requiring otherwise, but Talarico bore the brunt of the social media backlash, with users taking his flair for the drama nastily.

@jamestalarico How many Miller Lites have you got for thinking it was worth tweeting? “Wrote Curtis Houck, editor of NewsBusters.

“There’s no way you’re old enough for all the beer your colleagues brought in for this,” said Matt Whitlock, GOP communications veteran.

Conservative Twitter icon “Comfortably Smug” mocked Talarico for comparing his day trip to George Washington’s voyages on the Delaware River during the War of Independence.

“The guy grabbed a crate of Miller Lite and jumped on a private plane and thinks he’s crossing Delaware with George Washington,” he wrote.

“Thoughts and prayers in these terrible times”, another joked. “Sure, it’s like Normandy.”

Blaze’s social media editor Jessica O’Donnell called Talarico’s shameless self-promotion “one of the most pathetic tweets[s] I’ve seen a politician before. “

“Top 10 for sure,” she added.

Investigative reporter for The Daily Caller Andrew Kerr request why “the plebs must continue to mask themselves on commercial flights” if they are “sure not to wear a mask”.

“If this same group of people were on a commercial flight, they would all be required by law to wear masks. It makes no sense,” he said.


Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tweeted a photo of Democrats on a bus, a box of beer conspicuously next to them.

“Smiling House Dems fly to DC by private jet with Miller Lite case, breaking House quorum, abandoning their constituents, while Senate is still functioning,” he said wrote. “I hope the Senate Democrats will report tomorrow to do what they were elected to do. We will vote on # SB1. “

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton replied“Breach of duty is simply inexcusable.

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