The ‘Not Alone’ exhibition travels to raise awareness about human trafficking

AUSTIN (Nexstar) – Starting in January, an exhibit at the Bullock Texas State History Museum could arrive in your city.

The “Not Alone” exhibit will travel across Texas to raise awareness of human trafficking.

“It really affects anyone, anywhere,” said Angie Glasker of the Bullock Museum, explaining that a smaller version of the exhibit would soon be shipped across the state.

“This points to the red flags you can look for in sex trafficking and labor trafficking,” Glasker said. “Who is affected? And what would make you more vulnerable to human trafficking, what if you think you are being treated? What is grooming like?”

Boards in the exhibit feature interactive QR codes that take you to survivor stories and highlight ways you can help.

“Trafficking does not target people, trafficking targets vulnerabilities,” said Kathy McGibbon, trafficking survivor and lawyer, in one of the videos.

“So my vulnerability to just being a young child really put me in a situation where I couldn’t fight and walk away,” said Toni McKinnley, survivor and activist.

Trafficking experts also try to shatter misconceptions.

“A lot of people think that a trafficker is like a scary man. In reality, a trafficker and a perpetrator of violence can be anyone, ”explained Daniella Alvarado Perez in the same video.

The complete exhibition has already been a success at the Bullock Museum this year.

“The feedback we got from visitors was that it was something that was needed, that it was very educational,” Glasker explained.

The Texas Truckers Association now ships the signs statewide free of charge.

“There are 11 signs. It’s supposed to go to smaller places, so libraries, community centers, small community museums. Its first location is reserved for the Val Verde County Library in Del Rio.

The exhibit will travel through 2024. For details on booking panels for your community, Click here.

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