Tollywood actor Saran flips the locks on his English film titled Different

The poster and trailer for English psychological thriller Different have been unveiled recently. The event took place in a grand ceremony held in Mumbai. DVV Danayya (producer of RRR) was the main guest. Also in attendance were Sooryavansham producer GV Narasimha Rao, studio VP Padmalaya, Akbar Khan, Mukesh Rishi and others. It is produced by NSVD Sankara Rao and directed by (Dragann) Uday Bhaskar. The free press newspaper caught up with its lead actor Saran for a chat.


Opening up about her character in the film, Saran says, “I play a different role in this film. The title itself is different. Someone who is mentally and physically disabled has body dysmorphia where they hate themselves. His world is filled with illusions and excitement. It really challenged me as an actor and gave me complete satisfaction in the performance. I realized that I had this field of action only thanks to my director. The movies I watched as a child were commercial movies where the acting is usually dancing and fighting, but it opened up the possibility for me to express myself not just as an artist but as a To be human. I am happy to be part of the film. More than anything, I’m delighted to say that Telugu films have become a part of world cinema right now.


Different is compared to the films of Ram Gopal Varma. “One thing I can assure you is that when it comes to Indian filmmakers, there are commercial elements involved. But you see, in terms of technicality, I’m sure they don’t have shouldn’t have achieved it. If you see in terms of original stories and events, Different walks away with the cake,” he explains.

We ask Saran if the movie is copied from a Hollywood movie. He replies, “No, it’s not. Are you talking about body dysmorphia mental illness? Maybe you feel that for only certain glimpses. However, I assure you, throughout our film, there’s more.The puppet is a surprise to the audience, they’ll love it.

IPL poster This is pure love

Saran returns to celluloid after some time. However, he insists he was not on sabbatical. “I didn’t take a break. Everyone knows this is part of a pandemic situation. By the way, we shot this movie during the Covid-19 pandemic. The best part of the movie is that it was shot in real time. If it was a night effect, we shot it at midnight. The lighting is top notch. I don’t think there is a difference. I’ve worked in a few films over the past four years…Rose Garden, the other is IPL It’s Pure Love,” he admits.

A picture of Rose Garden

Different is an English film and is not shot in Hindi or Telugu as is the current norm. “I don’t think the director is aiming for an Indian audience, I don’t want to come across as selfish, but he has a certain target audience in mind. As far as I know, his case is already over. The budget is between Rs 8 and 12 crores. The film has already done overseas business, and the part where we plan to release this film has also been closed. We plan to publish it in July 2022,” he signs.

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Posted: Thursday April 28th 2022, 05:30 IST

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