Tom Brady on historic pace after five TD day against Falcons: Can Buccaneers QB break single season record?

Tom Brady’s move to Tampa Bay couldn’t have gone better in 2020, when he literally won everything to cap his debut with the Buccaneers. But if the early stages of his recall are any indication, the longtime Patriots star could be even better in 2021. Another Super Bowl title, of course, is a long way off. But two games after his sophomore year at the head of the NFC South, Brady is on a historic pace, throwing five touchdowns on Sunday to give him nine total scores on the young season – the most in two weeks since Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs pitched 10 to start 2018, the same season he won the MVP title with 50 touchdowns in the air.

With that in mind, let’s review some of the most pressing questions:

What’s the one-season record for touchdown passes?

Mahomes touched 50 in 2018, and Brady actually did the same with the Patriots in 2007, but the record belongs to Peyton Manning, who threw an NFL-high 55 touchdowns in his 2013 MVP run with the Broncos. .

Can Brady break the record?

If it wasn’t already obvious … yes! It won’t necessarily be easy (he owes an average of 3.1 TDs per game for the rest of the year). But nine touchdowns in two games are helping, as is the Buccaneers’ pool of offensive talent. It’s not like Brady is dependent on a single big-game catcher, enjoying a chance connection with a No.1 target. He’s got Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski and many other reservists. reliable, not to mention a stable offensive line and aggressive coaching staff. Add the extra play in this 18-week season, and it would be a slight shock if Brady doesn’t sniff at least 50 TD a year after throwing 40 in a sometimes patchy first campaign.

Didn’t Brady break the record before?

Why, yes, he did! Great memory that you have there. When Brady hit 50 in 2007, he broke Manning’s previous record (49), set in 2004. Prior to Manning’s record, the high score (48) belonged to Dan Marino for two decades.

Is Brady really in his prime at 44?

To deny this possibility would be to reject reality. It’s not about Manning 2015, pushing back career achievements and dominant defense to soar into the sunset. He’s a quarterback who both looks and produces like he’s 15-20 years younger than he actually is. In fact, that’s not even entirely accurate, as most guys between the ages of 25 and 30 don’t do what he does. Brady looked to be nearing physical decline in his last run with the Patriots, but he didn’t gain momentum with the Bucs until 2020, and he came out of the gate in great shape this fall.

Will all of this end with Brady winning another ring?

Who are we kidding? Probably. Stay tuned.

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