Top Recruitment Firms Hire Housewives as Hiring Agents

Bombay : Leading executive search firms such as TeamLease Services, Quess Corp, Adecco India and CIEL HR Services are increasingly turning to housewives to source talent for India Inc. as they strive to fill vacancies in a context of high demand.

“These housewives do not rely on a database but tap into their circles of former colleagues, construction companies and social circles to find the right candidate for the company,” said Guruprasad Srinivasan, Managing Director of the group Quess Corp, which has 800-1,000 of these people working for pay. Compared to this special work force, it has about 1,200 permanent recruiters in its teams.

Staffing firms discovered the effectiveness of housewives as hiring agents during the pandemic when many decided to join the staffing industry as gig workers.

Demand for recruiters has skyrocketed as companies, particularly in the IT, startup and pharmaceutical sectors, embarked on a hiring spree after a two-year lull due to the pandemic. .

Many recruiters who seek out potential candidates for new job openings are themselves being offered double-digit pay raises and bonuses by their employers in hopes of retaining them. Moreover, some of them are hired by companies for their own human resources teams.

“There is a 50% higher success rate when these housewives go looking for a candidate than our usual recruiters. Their tenacity and networking skills are untapped,” said a senior recruiter.

Housewives who had taken a sabbatical from their careers or were entrepreneurs until covid-19 hit their business are becoming the talent pool for the recruitment industry.

“Housewives ask candidates the right questions. They know when the candidate may be too tired to talk, can determine if they are genuinely looking for a job or will give up during negotiations,” said AR Ramesh, Director of Digital Business Solutions, professional recruitment and international engagement of Adecco India.

The recruitment industry is divided into recruitment firms that hire large numbers of both temporary and permanent labor; recruitment firms dealing with junior and middle management; and search consultants, commonly referred to as headhunters, who take on CXO or executive-level mandates.

“Many in Bangalore and Hyderabad know the needs of the IT sector and understand the profiles through their family and social networks. Resumes and IT positions are available online, and housewives in these cities are quickly closing those positions,” said Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder of staffing firm TeamLease Services.

Recruiters say they will try to get more of these independent housewives, and some make a few hundred thousand dollars a month by becoming gig recruiters. “The payments are 5-8% of the candidate’s salary, and housewives are forced to hire junior to middle management positions. Management positions require trained headhunters and lots of meetings, which is not possible without proper training and experience,” said the CEO of another recruitment firm who did not wish to be named. .

Aditya Narayan Mishra, director of CIEL HR Services, said its recruiting teams would seek to recruit more housewives for a few hours a day as recruiters. “They’re good at multitasking with so many chores around the house, and when they focus on different profiles, their dedication is unparalleled,” Mishra said.

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