Transform Your Day With A Simple Habit from Mel Robbins

Most of us feel excited and happy to see a friend or colleague.

But do we feel the same about ourselves?

This awareness came to the author and successful speaker Mel Robbins during its darkest period. At the onset of the pandemic, she was exhausted and dejected as she faced a tsunami of emotions and challenges and could barely get out of bed in the morning. But one day, she managed to stare at her exhausted reflection in the mirror and gave herself a high five. She laughed at herself because it was cheesy, but spent the rest of the day with her head a little higher.

Robbins says the real magic happened the next day when she got out of bed again and dragged herself to the bathroom. But this time, she was really excited to see herself in the mirror. It occurred to her that all of her life she had ignored or criticized herself in the mirror, but had never been excited to see herself. It was the opposite of how she supported and was excited to see other people.

Robbins capitalized on this energy to take an intentional moment with herself in the mirror. She thought about who she must be that day and how she could show off. And then she sealed it off with a high five with herself.

This simple act made a difference and gave Robbins the hope and strength to continue to meet the challenges.

This is the experience behind his new book, The High 5 habit. And although the book was written during the pandemic, Robbins says it’s not a pandemic book. We have all had times when we feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and exhausted. These are the times when we need to take a stand for ourselves and be our biggest supporters and cheerleaders.

Practicing the High 5 Habit is especially important for entrepreneurs who are constantly chasing the next project and focusing on the others. Taking a few moments in the morning to be intentionally with yourself, figuring out ways to introduce yourself and seal it with a high five can make all the difference.

Instead of spending all of our time encouraging and supporting others, the High 5 Habit gives you a few minutes to encourage and support you. Just giving yourself a high five can change your mindset and remind you that you’re worth it.

No one is immune to challenges and dark times. The tension of the world and the challenges of work can seem overwhelming and isolating, especially to entrepreneurs. But the simple habit of taking just a few minutes to yourself and giving yourself a high five can change your day and, over time, can change your life.

When you are excited to see yourself and to encourage yourself, you can take control of your life and make amazing things happen.

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