Violette’s Petal Bouche Matte Lipstick Review

Violette_en is the eponymous brand, launched by industry veteran and French it-girl, Violette Serrat. She’s currently Creative Director of Makeup at Guerlain, but she’s created something distinctly different from what other brands offer. Her experience is reflected in the small range of deeply saturated hues and streamlined products. We tried the line Petal Mouth lipstick in the shade Amour Fou, a liquid matte lipstick that “reproduces the velvety texture of a rose petal.Here are our thoughts:

Emily: When applying this lipstick, I decided to pretend to be a French girl in a hurry leaving her sophisticated day job early (perhaps a glossy magazine editor? A museum curator?) and going for a drink with the girls. I slapped it straight from the tube, but the thinner consistency made straight lines a bit tricky – next time I’ll use a lip brush if I want a super sharp edge. With my pale (ghost) coloring, the shade took on a deep bluish red. Although they didn’t last as long as some of my ultra-marathon lips, they weren’t nearly as dry – I kept forgetting I was wearing them – and they wore evenly for a look that went from one lip to the next. full and dull to just- kissed stain. (Erica’s note: can confirm, Emily looks like a BOSS in this color.)

Erica: After applying lip balm, I applied the intensely pigmented cool pink color. I took a tip from Violette and smudged the edges a bit to soften them, and make, as she says, like I had just kissed. I had no other makeup on when I first tried it on and all I could think was WOW, this is instant glam. The color is balanced, mesmerizingly intense but not harsh, and makes my lips look full and romantic. It has a unique velvety texture, wore really well and colored my (so pretty) lips until I used makeup remover. I used to wear bold lips only for special occasions – what was I waiting for? The transition to maskless was tricky, but here, now I have something to discover. Oh, and the line is cruelty-free and vegan.

Mia: I almost exclusively wear matte liquid lipsticks, so you can say my standards are pretty high. Before the pandemic, I wore bold red lips all the time, and now that mask mandates are up, I was happy to test out this gorgeous shade to break up my two-year bold lip sabbatical. Like Emily, my skin is also very fair and right now it’s downright cakey. The first time I applied the formula, I added two coats, which caused it to puff up a bit. The next time I applied a thin layer with a lighter hand and the result was flawless. The applicator makes precision easy and the tint instantly brought my dull complexion to life. I can also confirm that after setting (takes about a minute) it is totally kiss proof and does not transfer. And There you go! My new go-to lippie has entered the chat.

Violette_fr Petal Bouche Matte Lipstick

This long-wearing blue-red lipstick has been formulated to flatter all skin tones.

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