Walmart at Center Drive will close Sunday and Monday to sanitize the building

Medford, Oregon – The Medford Walmart at 1360 Center Drive will be closed on Sunday, August 22 and Monday, August 23, as part of a company-initiated program to allow third-party cleaning crews to clean and disinfect in depth the building.

The location will remain closed until Tuesday, August 24, at 6 a.m.

Store officials say they are working to keep the store safe as cases of covid rise in Jackson County.

They released an official statement which can be found below:

As a vital business and member of the Medford, OR community, we understand the role we play in providing our customers with food, medicine and other essentials, especially at this time.

As you know, several parts of the country have started to see a further increase in positive COVID-19 cases, and we want to help health officials battling the pandemic. In support of this effort, we have elected to temporarily close our Medford, OR store at 1360 Center Drive today at 2 p.m. as part of a company-initiated program. This will give more time for a third party specialist to further sanitize the store and also give our associates more time to restock the shelves and prepare the store to serve the community again. We plan to reopen the store to customers at 6 a.m. on August 24.

Everything we do is for the well-being of our associates and the thousands of clients we serve daily, and taking into account advice from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and health experts. Given the increase in positive cases via the Delta variant, we will follow CDC guidelines, which include fully vaccinated people wearing masks in indoor public places in high or high transmission counties.

In these counties and where there are state or local mask mandates, associates will be required to wear masks inside our facilities, including stores, clubs, distribution centers and distribution centers. You can find the county-by-county breakdown here. The CDC updates its data on transmission rates every week, so advice on using masks is likely to change over time in different locations.

When the store reopens on Tuesday, we will continue to perform associate health assessments, and all unvaccinated associates should still wear face covers.

In addition to offering COVID-19 vaccines to clients via walk-in or online appointments, we also provide easy access to vaccines for associates. Associates can receive their vaccines at their home store pharmacy, on or off the clock.

If associates choose to schedule their vaccinations elsewhere, we will provide two hours of paid time off. Associates who receive the vaccine receive a bonus of $ 150 for doing so and up to three days of paid leave if they experience an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

These protocols and convenient access to vaccinations are in addition to the extensive measures we put in place during the pandemic to help protect our associates and customers. We will continue to work closely with elected and local health officials, adjusting the way we serve the community while keeping the health and safety of our customers and associates in mind.

Thank you.

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