Wendy Williams’ staff don’t think she’ll ever return

Wendy Williams (Photo credit: Bang Media)

The production team of “The Wendy Williams Show” have been seriously concerned that the queen of the daytime talk show will never return to the show.

The sun reported that while on a health sabbatical, Williams “didn’t speak to anyone, not the producers, or the senior producers – to anyone. She’s disappeared, and the only point of contact for the production staff is through her manager.

As has been repeatedly reported, Williams is battling a plethora of mental and physical ailments, including the fallout from her divorce from Kevin Hunter, Grave’s disease, thyroid disease, a breakthrough case of coronavirus, an addiction to alcohol and drug abuse and mental depression. .

The newspaper also reports that staff find comfort in the fact that Williams’ manager is a former police officer who excels at what he does.

“Her manager is an ex-cop so they like him because he can be a cop for her,” the source said. However, they realize that “he really has no control over her.”

This source also said, “She has isolated herself from everyone and doesn’t speak to anyone related to the show.”

As a result, the staff “don’t think she’ll ever return to the studio.”

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