What is the average salary of a ScotRail train driver?

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Rail services have been plagued with cancellations in recent weeks due to a lack of staff.

The disruptions began on May 8 when drivers opted out of working overtime.

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The schedule typically handles around 2,150 weekday services. However, as of this week, services have been cut by a third to 1,456 services.

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ScotRail’s reduced timetable has been hit by further cancellations due to staffing issues.

So why is there a dispute between Scotrail and the train drivers?

Here’s everything you need to know about the action.

Why is there a strike?

The strike follows a pay dispute between the Aslef union and ScotRail.

Scotrail addressed the disruption on its website:

“We rely on drivers working overtime or on their days off to maintain a normal schedule, as the pandemic has caused a significant backlog in training new drivers.”

“Without COVID and this impact on training, we would have trained around 130 additional drivers today.

“Following the announcement by the drivers’ union ASLEF that it will vote for industrial action on pay, a significant number of drivers have refused to make themselves available for overtime or days off.

“This has resulted in the recent disruption and our need to introduce a temporary schedule going forward.”

Why is there a dispute over wage increases?

Drivers were reported to initially want a 10% pay rise and job stability following the COVID uncertainty.

ScotRail responded by offering 2.2% which Aslef rejected.

Scottish Aslef organizer Kevin Lindsay wrote to Nicola Sturgeon on Monday urging her to intervene in the ‘chaotic’ pay negotiations: “A 2.2% pay rise (offered verbally not in writing) to a time when inflation approaches 10% is a wage cut in real terms.

He added: “It is neither fair nor reasonable to expect train drivers, or indeed any worker, to accept such a reduction in their pay at the same time as their cost of living soars. “

Aslef is preparing to vote with its members in early June to seek approval for industrial action, including a general strike, to improve the wage offer.

David Simpson, ScotRail’s director of service delivery, told the BBC that a compromise would have to be found on both sides, saying: “We need to sit down and talk in the context where everyone is clear that it will take a compromise,

Adding that: “Demands of 10% to 11% are simply not viable in the current economic climate with the railway.

“We have to find a way around that, we have to recognize the kind of demands unions have, but also the need to demonstrate taxpayer value,” he said.

What is the company salary for a train driver?

Salaries may differ between workers based on experience and qualifications.

The average salary offered by Scotrail for train drivers is over £50,000 a year.

What did Nicola Sturgeon say during the strike?

Asked about the dispute, Sturgeon confirmed that normal services could not resume until an agreement between Aslef and Scotrail on fair pay had to be reached with the railway workers before the timetable could return to normal.

“I expect ScotRail to ensure that this temporary timetable is just that – temporary – and that the timetable returns to normal as soon as possible,” she added.

She went on to say, “I would say to the unions that I understand their job is to represent their members and get a fair pay deal for the members, but let’s see both sides get around the table and negotiate this in good faith. – I think that’s also what the traveling public wants to see.”

When is the new temporary schedule in place?

The changes have been implemented on weekday services (Monday to Friday) from May 23.

The schedule typically handles around 2,150 weekday services. However, starting this week, that number will be reduced by a third to 1,456 services.

Most final services from Glasgow will depart before 8pm.

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