When She Returned From Maternity Leave, This Teacher Let Her Kids Ask All The Questions They Wanted, And Some Of Them Are Hysterical

A science teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina recently returned to her classroom after having her beautiful baby boy. She went viral by posting her questions and answers about her post-maternity leave with her young students.

Nancy Bullard is a science teacher with a passion for teaching young children. His TikTok and Instagram profiles are filled with videos and posts about science experiments, education, and the occasional classroom reaction video.

Nancy recently had a baby boy named Sam and was away from her students for three months on maternity leave.

On her first day back, she decided to film herself giving her students a presentation about her son and opened up to any questions they might have.

And boy, did they have any good questions.

As the video begins, Nancy shows the class pictures of herself pregnant to remind her students of what she looked like three months ago.

A small voice behind the camera exclaims: “You were pregnant?!”

Another child responds to his classmate by saying, “Don’t you remember?

ICT Tac; pictured above, Nancy in one of her videos

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