Will the 2022 Dodgers break the all-time MLB record?

The 2022 Los Angeles Dodgers could very well be the most talented team in MLB history. At the end of the regular season and this year’s playoffs, this honorific could be officially entered into the record books.

Once upon a time, it was 2022 Yankees chasing the crown of history, rushing to absurd records of 49-16, 56-20 and 61-23 before their season collapsed like a house of cards, injuring Anthony Rizzo as he was collapsing.

When the Yanks reached that 49-16 high, the Dodgers were 40-24, sporting a very good case, but perhaps a more familiar one. Everyone knew these Dodgers were great, but maybe they’d just be great at regulation, 100 wins before moving on to bigger challenges in October.

Well… no, they had one more run left in the regular season. Since that date, the Dodgers have gone a par for the course 54-18, carrying a 94-42 mark in a three-game road series at Petco that could hand them the NL West crown, returning it to its rightful hometown.

So how high can the Dodgers fly? 116 wins in a regular season is the all-time mark, set by the 1906 Cubs (a team that included Dodgers pitching coach Mark Prior in the rotation, I think) and tied by the Seattle Mariners in 2001 , one of the clearest cautionary tales of the postseason.

Is the impossible possible? Absolutely it is!

The 2022 Dodgers can break the all-time MLB record in a single season

Keep an eye on the Yankees’ mark from 1998, too. They won 114 games and won the World Series for 11 more in the playoffs, collecting an all-time record 125 combined wins, the most for any champion. Since the Dodgers will miss the best of three Wild Card rounds this year (dang!), the maximum they can add to their regular season total is also 11 wins.

To beat the Ms and Cubbies, these Dodgers will need to win 117 games — or 13 of their 26 remaining contests. That doesn’t even seem that hard? Rest factor and all that, but this remarkably deep team only doing .500 on the stretch should be the minimum expectation, not seen as an impossibility.

Three series to watch in the The Dodgers’ pursuit of history are all approaching the team’s next road trip. If LA can cruise through San Diego, Arizona and San Francisco in their current nine-game swing with a 5-4 record at worst, they’ll likely be on course for a record high. Arizona’s resurgence, San Diego star and Giants are a hassle, but none of those three series should be losses, in theory.

But, if the Dodgers end up falling short, 115 is all they’d need to aim for to beat the Yankees mark, as long as they deliver a World Series at the end of the rainbow.

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