Women’s Rowing Caps Spring Break Trip vs UCF, Jacksonville

ORLANDO, Florida. – After a week of training between Miami and Orlando, the UConn women’s rowing team opened its spring competition slate with a double meet against UCF and Jacksonville Friday morning at Pickett Lake.

The Huskies touched down in Miami last Thursday and took on Barry in a scrimmage on Saturday. After two more days of training in Miami Beach, UConn left for Orlando, where they remained until the end of the week.

“I’m proud of the effort of every boat today as they took what they worked on this week and applied it in their races,” the head coach said. Jennifer Sanford. “It’s been a unique year and this group of women have been training hard together and staying committed to the process. We have individual wins every day, and it’s not because we haven’t won in the races today that we’re not winning daily as a team.”

The V8 started the day (7:11.34) and the 2V8 (7:23.29) followed suit. V4 (8:29.52) and 3V8 (8:55.67) also competed and closed out the day.

“I’m looking forward to a few weeks of training at Coventry Lake before our next competition,” concluded Sanford. “Our goal will be to go faster every day until the next competition comes around and see how our improvements with more time in the water pay off.”

UConn will resume its season on April 9 at the NYRA Invitational.


C: Esparca

S: Pinckney

7: Sachs

6: Tower

5: O’Neill


3: Lucas

2: Karovic

B: Luby


C: Cahalane

S: Johnson

7: Harris

6: Payer

5: Gevorkyan

4: Adamo

3: Louis

2: Orphans

B: Dean


C: Illindala

S: Mordaunt

3: Mulkerrins

2: Peters

B: Cronin


C: Lutolf

S: Roden

7: Easier

6: La Prade

5: Beaulieu

4: Thibault

3: Williams

2: Mullin

B: Helmin

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