X way too early for Orlando’s bold predictions for 2022-23 NBA season

Paolo Banchero is expected to work a lot of magic in Orlando in the upcoming 2022-23 NBA season. He’s one of the main reasons many pundits gave the Orlando Magic high marks in the offseason.

The Magic surprised most draft pundits by picking Banchero No. 1, but the team appears to be in good shape after Banchero has impressed this offseason. Recall that at the Summer League in Las Vegas, Banchero showed excellent play. This indicates a promising future in cards for the Magic.

That said, magic has other intriguing parts. Markell Fultz, Jalen Suggs and Franz Wagner make an interesting perimeter triumvirate, although Wendell Carter Jr. and Mo Bamba make an interesting but uneven pair of big men. Last year’s top scorer, Cole Anthony, is also still in the game, although he certainly won’t be their top scorer in the coming season.

Will it all be good enough to make magic a playoff contender this season? Let’s see.

Magic Predictions 2022-23

2) The Magic will finish dead last in the East

The Magic’s forward and center positions are full of young potential. The aforementioned Wagner, Banchero, and Carter should greatly delight Magic fans.

In fact, during the 1,523 total minutes Wagner and Carter played on the court together last season, the Magic were just under 0.5 points per 100 possessions. It’s not horrible by team standards.

Coach Jamahl Mosley may struggle to allocate playing time up front with Bamba still there in addition to returning Jonathan Isaac and third-year forward Chuma Okeke.

The big question mark is in the backcourt. At the moment, it’s still unclear whether the roster contains a guard capable of competing with other clubs’ top-flight starters. Second-year guard Jalen Suggs can be defensively aggressive, but he still needs to improve at the other end of the field after recording the lowest effective field goal percentage (40%) for a player with at least 400 field goal attempts over the past seven seasons.

The aforementioned Cole Anthony led the team in scoring, but he struggled on defense. For her part, Markelle Fultz returned after a year-long sabbatical at the end of the previous season. He’s also shown some impressive playing skills, but he’s yet to show consistency with his perimeter shot.

Truth be told, there’s an abundance of exciting young talent in Orlando. Their growth should make the team better in 2022-23. However, they are unlikely to be able to break their slump of being a bottom-10 offense or even contend for a spot in the Play-in tournament.

1) Paolo Banchero will be ROY

The biggest bright spot for the Magic Kingdom will be Banchero. For many fans, it was easy to get a really good impression of the No. 1 overall pick after the Las Vegas Summer League. People also expect the Magic to put the ball in their hands and ask them to create and score.

According to bettors, Banchero is the leading candidate for ROY. After all, he already has the physique and ability of a solid NBA player. Things should only get better from now on for the young high-flyer.

At the start of his rookie season, the former Duke star also kept himself busy by appearing in Seattle’s biggest Pro-Am event and scoring 50 points in a game. Banchero had the chance to play alongside Chet Holmgren, who was picked immediately after him on draft night. Holmgren also impressed in that game, contributing 34 points and 14 rebounds, in their team’s 122-107 triumph.

In addition to throwing 50 plays on the court, Banchero negotiated endorsement deals with Jordan Brand. He also made crucial business decisions. The kid looks like he has a good head on his broad shoulders.

At the end of the season, those shoulders may also have to carry the weight of the ROY trophy.

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